Inspansion Yoga and CranioSacral Therapy

Clear Mind, Peaceful Body


Seeking to enrich your life through movement, breath and mindfulness?  Explore the opportunity to:

  • enhance body awareness
  • cultivate breath
  • increase range of motion
  • build strength
  • uncover tranquility
  • be inspired  

Yoga can support you in all of this!

Whether you are a new student, an experienced yogi, an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, a dancer, a couch potato, a lover of literature, a lover of life, a lover of espresso milkshakes, twelve years young, forty years young, ninety years young – all are welcome!

Inspansion yoga classes focus on the individual.  Just as each one of us appears different on the outside, we also move in a way that is unique to each person.  My intention is to help you find your strength, your flexibility, your balance, and your grace.  The postures of yoga are not about being “flexible,” they are helping us fine-tune the relationship of elasticity and stability within the body.  This creates harmony and ease.  A peaceful body sets the foundation for inherent peace and a clear mind.  Each class incorporates yoga philosophy, breath work, and movement, inviting you to expand your practice and your awareness on the inside and out.

Specialty classes and private sessions available by appointment.

Come play!

Southern utah 2013 006

Pam Watts with son, Rye


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